Hastings Workshops: Singing in Pregnancy

Ariane Rees is a classically trained singer and voice coach who runs a private voice coaching studio in Hastings. She regularly organises workshops, masterclasses and group lessons both throughout the Catalunya area and in the UK and Germany.

Singing in Pregnancy

Entitled Birthsong, the singing in pregnancy workshops and classes are for anyone wishing to develop the voice and breath control to prepare for labour, connect with their babies in the womb, explore and uncover deeper emotions surrounding birth and motherhood through the medium of music or just to experience the thrill and satisfaction of freeing the voice.

Available to both individuals and small groups, the Birthsong classes cover:


  • Relaxation and deep breathing exercises
  • Simple vocal exercises and chants
  • Overtone chanting
  • Group Improvisation
  • Georgian and Armenian sacred chants
  • Traditional pregnancy exercises
  • Songs and lullabies from around the world.

No previous experience of singing or musical training is necessary for these workshops.

For more information you may download this detailed Birthsong PDF brochure.

For further details or to book a place on this course please phone: 07738 493787 or alternatively contact Ariane by mail.