Vocal Coaching

In addition to performing, recording and singing throughout Europe, Ariane also works as a voice coach and singing tutor training business people, actors and professional public speakers as well as amateur and professional singers and performers in all aspects of voice and breath control.

There are two aspects to the vocal work Ariane is currently offering: private lessons personally tailored to the individual and suitable for all levels, and group workshops which cover a wider area including a stress−relieving therapeutic singing programme which is personally tailored to individual needs and which aims to remove tensions, blocks and causes of ill−health and to instill a sense of well−being and develop confidence and control.

Individual Tuition

Ariane offers individual singing lessons and intensive sessions for all experience levels from beginner to professional singer.

Her main approach in tuition is to create a supportive, fun and creative space where all levels can find their true voice and find a way to fully enjoy singing without any block or restriction. Typically lessons will involve work on vocal technique, repertoire, posture and breathing techniques as well as preparation for auditions/recitals or any specific issue that the student needs to focus on.

Ariane has experience in teaching many differing styles of singing and can offer specific tuition in the following areas:

  • Opera
  • Classical
  • Early music and medieval
  • Traditional folk music
  • Georgian and Armenian sacred chants
  • Jazz and blues
  • Rock and pop

In addition to English, she is also able to offer tuition (and lessons) in songs of several languages, specifically German, French, Italian and Spanish.

All lessons are individually tailored to the needs of the student based on a preliminary discussion of the students needs and goals and generally take place in the studio although home lessons are also possible.

If you are looking for a singing teacher or are thinking of taking up singing, then contact Ariane and book a preliminary lesson.

Group Sessions and Workshops

Ariane is currently offering four specifically tailored workshops in Hastings, UK.The dates of these workshops are flexible and depend largely on the numbers of participants and the interest at any given time but usually they run on average every two months. If preferred, the content of these workshops can also be covered in individual sessions.

The courses currently offered are 'Yoga of the Voice' − a workshop drawing on Chi Kung and yoga exercises to facilitate vocal freedom, 'Singing in Pregnacy' − specifically designed to help with breath control to prepare for labour, 'Mini Music Makers' − for tots and their mums and 'Breathe' − a course designed to release the blocks, stresses and tensions of everyday modern life. As mentioned above, all these courses are also available as an individual package.

Additionally Ariane will soon be offering a new masterclass in Georgian and Armenian Spiritual Chant. This workshop will be organised with the Three Rivers Centre and ful details will appear shortly on the Three Rivers website.

For more info on these courses or to reserve a place contact Ariane. Full details may be found at the following pages:

Yoga of the Voice

Singing in Pregnacy

Mini Music Makers