UK Workshops: Breathe


If you want to reduce stress, increase vitality and well-being, gain more confidence or strengthen your voice - this is the ultimate workshop for you !

Learn how to breathe in a healthier, natural and more complete way. Start to practice safe, effective breathing techniques in a programme specifically tailored for the needs of people wishing to reduce stresses and tensions in the fast pace of the modern world.

In the course of a six week programme, this workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Recognise inhibiting breath patterns
  • Breathing into the three primary spaces
  • Breath supporting postures and movements
  • "Grounding" - learning how to stand for better breathing
  • The power of sound to deepen breath, energize and purify
  • Breathing into organs to support and rejuvenate

Although this workshop is quite intensive, if individual sessions are preferred to work more deeply on stress/tension or personal issues then this can also be arranged.

For further details or to book a place on this course please phone: 07738 493787 or alternatively contact Ariane by mail.